Without A Plan It Won't Work

We believe that the proper foundation for investment management begins with a comprehensive financial plan. Every financial plan is developed after a process that involves gathering relevant financial information, defining objectives, needs and fears, establishing risk tolerance, time horizon, and evaluating the current situation. We then develop a flexible and realistic strategy in order for each individual to reach his or her desired results. This can be as grand as working towards lifetime goals or as basic as organizing current cash flow; sometimes it’s just for a second opinion.


Mike Lynch,CFP® is also an advisory representative of Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation. Mike and his team will develop a custom-tailored financial plan, which includes in-depth analysis and detailed recommendations in the following areas:

  • Investment Analysis
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance Analysis

  • Tax Considerations
  • Retirement Planning
  • Lifestyle Planning

The fee structure for a comprehensive financial plan is comprised of an hourly rate with a fixed minimum. We offer an initial complementary consultation for you to evaluate our services. Fees will be discussed during the first complementary consultation and are based upon the complexity of the issues involved. Most financial concerns can be handled in one or two meetings, saving you time and money.


Four Basics of Financial Management

Planning, Organizing, Activating, Controlling.

Although there are no obligations to do so, many clients choose to implement their financial planning recommendations with Mike Lynch, CFP®.


Our Investment Management Process

Our investment management team develops and monitors custom investment strategies for each of our clients. Each investment strategy is selected by using fundamental criteria of risk tolerance, time horizon, personal goals, and market conditions. As an independent firm, we retain freedom to select from an array of investment products we feel appropriate. With this flexibility in mind, we are able to offer access to many different investments including, but not limited to, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, managed accounts, real estate investment trusts, insurance, and other tax advantage investments. As our philosophy is one that incorporates the client into the decision-making process, we never make changes to a client’s account without their participation. Investment fees and commissions are disclosed ahead of implementing any investment strategy. We will review this with each client in relation to his or her custom portfolio design.


After your portfolio has been invested, our state of the art investment technology allows us to track progress towards your goals. Our unique consolidated reporting simplifies the portfolio analysis process by creating a view of your entire family’s multitude of accounts at one click of a button. Clients that like to stay informed between annual reviews and conference calls can log on to our website at www.browardcfp.com and see all of their accounts in detail.


All of Mike Lynch’s, CFP® investment management clients continually benefit from the extensive knowledge of our financial planning team. We pride ourselves on being highly alert to the many nuances and changes found within the financial markets. This allows us to provide each client with the security of knowing we’re working by their side to help them through the many peaks and valleys inherent in life, whether in portfolio adjustment or circumstances.